Though being young in terms of operational years Disang Organic in a short period of time has developed business interests & networks, both active & passive, in Crude Oil Exploration & Equipment, Tea, Bamboo Research & Development to name a few. We seek to build future partnerships & collaborations in Tourism, Waste Recycling & Management and in Electronic & New Media sectors.

Hospitality & Tourism

Disang Estate is DO’s residence cum Office space which we seek to build as a hotspot for Tourism & Hospitality for upper Assam & Arunachal Pradesh regions. We hope that with time & experience, Disang Organic shall operate in this sector for the whole North Eastern India working from multiple offices at different states.

Hydrocarbon Exploration & Equipment

Ridhhi Sidhhi Consultancy is Disang Organic’s Crude & Hydrocarbon exploration services wing. Ridhhi Sidhhi Consultancy has soared to previously unexplored heights in this sector in a short span of time by being a trustworthy & reliable partner in providing hydrocarbon exploration services & equipment to Navaratna Companies.

Agriculture & Tea

Disang Organic has more than a decade of retail & wholesale experience in produced tea. It also has an unfair advantage in the local tea sector due to its strategic location, Dibrugarh, the Tea City of India. We are also mentoring local cultivators with whom we shall be producing highly nutritious, organic food crop for local markets.

Bamboo Technology & Research

Disang Organic has recently forayed into bamboo research & technology to create a range of Eco friendly bamboo products. It is on its path to a future launch in the coming year.

IT, Media & Public Relations

Disang Organic has proudly associated itself with social & public institutions where it has worked in equal capacities.We have a network of IT & media professionals with whom we collaborate on different projects & is interested in building a creative team of its own.

Waste Management & Recycling

Last but not the least, the problem of recycling & waste management had always been a latent concern for us till now. Disang Organic is doing its bit on feasible projects for generated waste digestion for recycling & hope to build an effective local solution for waste management in the near future.